Welcome to a More Emotionally Intelligent You

Dr. Daniel Goleman Ph.D. the author of Emotional Intelligence says that self-awareness is the most important step to becoming more emotionally intelligent.

You’re about to start on your personal journey to greater self-awareness. The first step is taking our fun and free 7-minute Assessment which is based on the most scientifically validated understanding of motivation and human temperament. Your personalized Temperament Report contains:

  1. Your Temperament Type - based on 7MTF (7 motivation/temperament/factors)
  2. Your Strengths - the natural advantages and strengths of your intrinsic motivation and temperament makeup
  3. Your Weaknesses - the natural blind spots and weaknesses of your intrinsic motivation and temperament makeup
  4. Fantastic Tips - learn how to optimize your strengths while eliminating your natural weaknesses

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